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Meet Sloppy Joe's Little Sister:

Hi! This is SASSy Jane, Sloppy Joe's Little (Spicy) Sister!

Get ready, because this recipe is so good and easy, it will be your next favorite quick go to meal !To most kids (and adults), just hearing the words "Sloppy Joe", usually gets a happy and excited response! I mean, we can all agree, it is just fun to eat! Well, SASSy Jane is just as fun, but I have to tell you, even more tasty! I highly recommend adding melted cheese and the diced tomatoes at the end! Next time I'll be adding bacon on top too, but I add that shit on everything! Don't forget the extra added drizzle of SASS Sauce and I like a nice crusty roll, buttered and warmed! It's a little more grown up, and a little bit spicy, but my kids like it even more than traditional Sloppy Joe's, and they swear they aren't just saying that because I am their mom! Give it a try, I promise you won't regret adding this new family pleasing recipe to your cooking arsenal!

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