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All About That SASS...

So this is the first entry in my SASS Recipe Blog...I hope to bring you daily tips, ideas and recipes on how to use SASS in your kitchen with a little humor and fun mixed in. This stuff is so much more than just a dip or a sauce! I hope to change the face of condiments with this fun and slightly spicy, must have in your kitchen item!

So the first recipe is this basic "everything" dip. It's so super easy to make and it seriously will make you the hit of the party. Use the base recipe and get creative and add in whatever you want to it. You can serve it cold or bake it, or better yet throw it all in a crock pot! Serve dip with veggies, chips, crackers, bread or whatever it is you like to dip with!

Some add in ideas:

shredded chicken

chopped ham


crab meat


ground beef

veggies (any you like!)

spinach and artichokes

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